Jodie Sweetin and Her Legal Separation

Judie and her husband have daughter called Beatrix, she us 2 years old the couple want to separate. Judy wants to take her money from her husband, and she asked the judge to split the credit card which is between her and her husband Morty Coyle who she married in March 2012.
This marriage is the third one for Jodie Sweetin. Jodie had many problems like addiction. Judie said that they will separate in 12 June. This marriage came after two marriages and she have another daughter from her ex-husband, and after her addiction she decided to separate from her husband Morty in legal way. Jodie said that the last time she drank was the worst time in her drinking history. She lives with her husband one year, he was her boyfriend for three months then they married. He works DJ in Hollywood. They were living in the same house and they have daughter. Her husband Morty stands with her when she was suffering from addicting, then they live happy life but now they decided to separate in legal way. After that she decided to not marry again. She does not want to have a new experience in marriage. Although we do not know if she will leave her husband or not, she said that she decided to make a legal desperation but maybe she will not leave him and they will stay together. They did not talk about their daughter after the separation if she will stay with her mother or her father. So they did not finish their problems and they did not do anything yet. But as we said before if she separate from her husband Morty she will not marry again, as she had a negative experience in marriage and she doesn’t want to marry again at all.


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