Jodie Sweetin starts 2014 with paying a tax of $29.626.53

As we know the best role for Jodie Sweetin in Full house as Stephanie Tanner, she has had her fair share of downfalls and bad news over the years. Although of her brilliance in her role in the 90’s sitcom,
she passed over black clouds when she was abusing drugs which affected her acting life for years and enforced her to enter to the rehab many times in addition to her personal life problems either with her ex-husbands or wither last divorce from her husband Morty Coyle. 

The belle Jodie Sweetin decided to start a new year of 2014 with different way although of her past difficulties and to put her feet on the right place.

So she has paid a debt to the IRS, she owed it since 2009. In that year her income taxes was not paid by Jodie Sweetin and she forgot to do and resulting to have the IRS $29.626.53.

The rumors in the fall of 2013 abounded again concerning the relapse of Jodie Sweetin through her re-entry to the rehab again, so the news reported that Jodie had checked into a facility which cost about $50,000 per month after her final divorce from the third husband, Morty Coyle.

For the lovers and fans of Jodie Sweetin the last news was not true, and she said that she is working now at the facility. The rumors of Jodie Sweetin staying at the rehab center proved to be true and she was employed as a clinical logistics coordinator at the Los Angeles –based rehab center. 

Her third divorce from Morty Coyle was the last one and she has a child together with him, who is 2 years old named Beatrix.



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