Jodie Sweetin revealed that she works in a recovery center

The star of Full house Jodie Sweetin mentioned that she is treating in a rehab any more, but she is working for one, after her battling with a meth addiction, and she admitted that she works now as a clinical logistics coordinator at an L.A. rehab center.
Jodie Sweetin added that she was allowed by her employer to live in a studio apartment on the property, to deal with her divorce from her husband Morty Coyle.
Sweetin declared insinuating that her husband started the rehab rumor, saying that her breakups is very hard and people ( mentioning to her husband ) make it harder, and people know them well until breaking up with them.
She revealed to the rehab in which she is recovering and said that the people in the rehab is very generous and trying to help her to find a place to stay after her husband Morty Coyle asked her to leave his house .
And she continued that she does not want to stay any more after the things between them figured out.
She announced the incredible differences which led to her divorce from her husband.
Jodie Sweetin was married to Coyle on her 29th birthday in 2011, when he presented an engagement ring at her birthday.
So Coyle proposed to her in front of a lot of guest who attend their birthday and she was very surprised and shocked.
She said that everyone in the party was happy and they videotaped the birthday and it was great.
She said in that happy day her friends decorated the place with little diamonds and other beautiful touches.
Jodie Sweetin was married twice before her marriage from Coyle, where her first marriage was in 2002 from Shaun Holguin when she was 20 years old.
Then her second marriage was in 2007 after she was split from her first husband in 2006, and her second husband name is Cody Herpin and they divorced after one year in 2008.


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