Did Jodie Sweetin burn her name after Full House?

In this blog we will talk about Jodie Sweetin or Stephanie Tanner as she famous for her role in the big show Full House.
Jodie Sweetin is from actors who burned their names after performing a great role in a great show, so we will talk about this little girl and we will discuss what she had achieved after her role in Full House.
I think that many actors and actress burned themselves after performing great roles and could to astonishing their fans by putting an impression on the fans that this character is just made for them and no other actor can do that.
Stephanie Tanner role as I think burned his owner which is Jodie Sweetin because people had impression in their mind that Jodie Sweetin is Stephanie Tanner and Stephanie Tanner is Jodie Sweetin so they doesn’t accept or can use to see Jodie Sweetin in another role or another work.
But this doesn’t mean that Jodie Sweetin isn’t good and couldn’t take or perform another role, but on the contrary her distinctive and wonderful performance puts her on the top of the best level in the eyes of her lovers and fans, so she may find success newly if she presents a role like Stephanie Tanner or more effective to let her fans and critics could to accept her new character and proves that she is an actress of the first level.
And now there are rumors about the sequel of Full House and the fans is waiting that great event enthusiastically.


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