Stephanie dancing …. Best Moments in Full House[ Video ]

Jodie Sweetin or Stephanie Tanner on Full House , the child who impressed every one followed the series and could to maintain her name on the small screen as the best child actor played role in Full House.

But this success in only in her career, where her real life has many of circumstances and barriers , beginning from her drugs addiction although she was a mother of two daughters  and ending in her divorce from her third husband.
But it doesn’t stop us from remembering the best aspects of Full House , where her desire as Stephanie character to be a professional dancer, it is till to our day remembering us how beautiful she danced and did amazing moves.
She had a tally but real life does not give you what you want , Jodie enabled to surpass this barrier in her life where she admitted that she subjected to rehabilitation in order to stop her drugs abuse , and also last year she paid a tax of $50000, and now she looked to continue her acting career and with new right ways.
She is now 32 years old and the future is still in front of her , wish for her success and bright happy days .
And wish to see her in new work through the small screen.
So , I collected some of Stephanie videos as she was dancing in Full House , hope you like it.
Now let’s enjoy in watching Stephanie Dancing


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