Jodie Sweetin Rough Time

It was not an easy go for Jodie Sweetin after her famous role in the American TV series Full House, but it seems that 2014 things are looking up.

The 31 years old actress should be feeling comfortable today after paying finally $ 53,000 in back Taxes from 2009, so she is free and clear with the IRS!
Away from the Full house reunion we are still waiting on, there are greatest Sweetin related news we can imagine. Staring from her drugs addiction and then the entering to the rehab and finally ending in her split from her third husband, so 2013 was very tough for her.
And recently rumors reported that Jodie Sweetin after her split has reentered to the rehab, but the belle Sweetin denied that claiming it was just as a clinical logistics coordinator.
And she explained that she is now living in facility after her split from her husband Morty Coyle and describing the rumors about her reentering to the rehab again, how rude.
All of us make mistakes and no one infallible, but the most important thing the one that has ability to confess with his mistakes in order to correct them and come back to his direct way.
And our star Jodie Sweetin is one of society victims , or accurately one of celebrity victims , she may had made a lot of mistakes but we should not punishing her now, like her divorce from her husband , and lunching different rumors about her personal life .
But Jodie Sweetin seems very much above the fray and looks to be keeping it together! Despite that is clearly a tough time for her.
So what you think, can she continue correctly way or because of the rough time she had faced cannot?


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