Danica McKellar and Candace Cameron will face on Dancing with the Stars

It is time to watch again this dance party!

The news season of Dancing with the Stars will include two of more memorable 1990s TV stars: Wonder Years alum Danica McKellar and Full House actress Candace Cameron.

Both of the two stars grown up now but two decades later do they have what it takes home the mirrorball trophy?

Cameron Bure through her character in the sitcom D.J. Tanner showed us her moves in one of the first episodes of the series, when she played backup dancer during Uncle Jesse’s babysitting gig turned jam session.

In fact, the very first episodes of the series featured a lot of dancing. Stephanie Tanner played by Jodie Sweetin aspired to be a pro dancer.

In her recent interview with the Ashley, Cameron Bure said that she loves dancing, and she goes dancing with her girlfriends all the time and that she is the best wedding dancer ever.

So you should tune to see if Cameron Bure will be able to pull off some dance moves under her feet.
In the last season Bill Nye compared Dancing with the Stars to Science saying it is all the study of motion and it is all physics.

On the other hand, the 39 years old star known for her role Winnie Cooper in the Wonder Years needs to come up with the formula for the perfect dance moves.

McKellar did not do any hip hop dancing on The Wonder Years but she mastered the high school slow dance with boyfriend Kevin Arnold.

McKellar tangoed in the 2006 Lifetime movie Inspector Mom, and revealed about that it was her idea to put the dance scene in the movie.

So you are Team Winnie or Team D.J.?


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