Jodie Sweetin Memorial book

The star Jodie Sweetin has released a memorial book about her unsweetened life , talking about her acting career and also addressing her addiction problems, her two marriages, and her relation with her  daughter Zoie.
Jodie mentioned in the introduction that she is not too horrified to tell anyone about her secrets. So the book does not seem more painfully honest , I mentioned here some important points from Jodie book , you should read to know what the book talks about :

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate were not very nice to her on the Full House set. once, one of the couple turned to Jodie and said : Why do you have a tooth growing out of there? When Jodie was coping with the embarrassment of a tooth coming in crooked .

Jodie first drink was at 14 years old and first smoking pot at 15 years old .

With companion she’d moved on to Ecstasy and Cocaine , and then she married at the age of 20 years old, beginning to experiment with meth. 

Jodie after her staying in the rehab , she began working as an assistant at the facility but relapsed almost immediately . she helped a lot of people by packing them up.

Her second marriage was infused by a short drug and alcohol. She said that she was shocked for hearing that she was pregnant and then she started to drink shortly after her daughter Zoie was born . then her husband decided to divorce filling for full custody. 

it is interesting book revealing a lot of secrets about the life of the belle Jodie Sweetin.. . What you think , does it deserve to be read?


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