Jodie Sweetin and her Daughter Beatrix

Jodie Sweetin gave birth to her daughter Beatrix from her husband in August 31, 2010. The mother and the father were very happy with the coming of her daughter to life and they admitted that they gave her name according to her father’s favorite band which is the Beatles and the departed comedian George Carlin,
so they named her Baby Bea and the decision for her parents was easy.
Jodie said that Bea looks like her the same hair where her blonde and fussy hair like Jodie’s one and she loves her so much.
Jodie declared that she wanted a name that carries something feminine and unique, like something kind and romantic, so no problem if it is old fashion, so the big problem would be happened to the parents if their child was a boy because it will be more difficult name.
Coyle had chosen Cosmo for his child if he was boy but Jodie didn’t like that name and refused it.
Jodie has another girl named Zoie but she is from another father whose name is Cody Herpin and who is the former husband for Jodie. So the two sisters met each other and they love each other.
The first meeting between the two sisters was very strange where Zoie looked at her sister Bea and then went to see the Balloons.
The family was very happy but something was suddenly happened when Jodie Sweetin started bleeding internally and was moved into emergency surgery.
The doctor of Jodie said that there were two liters of blood inside her heart and she should be exposed to test.
And in similar occasions many mother died as the doctor said but Jodie was lucky and stayed for 3 days in the ICU, so her testing results were positive.
Coyle admitted that her loves Zoie as she was his daughter she is very kind and he hope to be her father.


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