Jodie Sweetin with Cameron Bure and Bob Saget in Full House Encounter

Bob Saget was in meeting with his TV daughters Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure, who are all grown up. They gathered to reunion as they were before through their cool comedy hot event in Beverly Hills.
The TV father invited his daughters to the event benefitting Scleroderma Research Foundation, he was very exciting at seeing his daughters on the red carpet, but he admitted that he could not gather all castors of Full House.
Jodie Sweetin and Cameron Bure hanged out their father; they love each other and gathered sometimes to see each other in kind on reunion of their memories during Full House.
Bob Saget as we remember him through Full house, when he was dressing her black suit with a spotted navy tie, and beside him there was his daughter Cameron, who is now 37 years old, in that time she stole the spotlights through her playing the role of the oldest sister DJ Tanner on the Full House, which is wonderful ‘90s sitcom, so Cameron appeared sexy and polished in beautiful leather short dress.

Bure hugged her TV father Saget in this event and the couple spoke happily, while the cameras snapped away.
Jodie Sweetin the 31 years old and the youngest sister Stephanie appeared amazing on the red carpet with her trademark bright smile and black long dress.
Jodie Sweetin has now two daughters from two husbands, his ex-husband Cody Herpin, and the other from her husband Morty Coyle.
Bob Saget has three daughters in his real life, they are Lara, Aubrey, and Jennifer, as he said that they are his fans of his comedian roles, and his daughters are not important to follow him in his acting career.


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