Jodie Sweetin Filmography

In this article we will speak about Jodie Sweetin’s Works either movies nor TV show programs
So we will start from her first role until this time.
·         In 1987 she appeared in the TV show series Jim Henson Presents Mother Goose Stories.
·         In 1987 Jodie had The Hogan Family in which she took the role as Pamela Poole , it is episode :”Boston Tea Party”.
·         In 1987-1995 She had the main role as Stephanie Tanner in the episode Full House.
·         In 1989 The All New Mickey Mouse Club which is an episode , and Sweeten had the role as Stephanie.
·         In 1992 Jodie had the TV short entitled It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown , and she took the voice role as Sally Brown once.
·         In 1996 She took the role as Lydia Lump once in the episode: Downtown Girl of Brotherly Love.
·         In 1999 the episode: Bye, Bye, Love, Fate, Hope and Charity of Party of Five where she took the role as Rhiannon Marcus.
·         In 2003 The episode: Sorority Girl of Yes, Dear . Jodie took the role as Maryanne through it.
·         In 2006 she took the voice role as He’s so gross penguin vice of Farce of the penguins.
·         In 2007 She had the role as Host in Pants-Off Dance-Off season 2.
·         In 2008 she had a short film entitled Small bits of Happiness and she took the role as Margaret Williams through.
·         In 2009 She had two works , the first entitled Redefining Love and her role was as Ally. The second one entitled Port City and her role was as Nancy.
·         In 2011 she took the main role as Jodie in the episode entitled Can’t Get Arrested.
·         In 2012 she had a TV film entitled Singled Out and she took the role as Leia through.
I hope that I give you through my article a good information about Jodie Sweetin works .
Here I show you some of Jodie Sweetin beautiful and sexy photos:


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