Jodie Sweetin

Let’s know something about Jodie Sweetin Biography . Her full name is Jodie Lee Ann Sweetin , she was born in January 19, 1982. Jodie is an American actress and TV show presenter . She is famous through her great role in the sitcom Full House.
As she claimed that she had started her  career life since she was four years old through Oscar Mayer hot dog. In 1987 was her first role in the sitcom Valerie, through taking the role as Pamela, and the daughter of Mrs. Poole.
She was being casted as Stephanie Tanner in the Full House until the end of show in 1995 by Jeff Franklin and it was the famous starring role which it distinguished her through the history.

Let’s turn through Jodie Sweetin biography into her personal life.
Sweetin  studied in Chapman University in Orange, California after her graduation from Los Alamitos high school in 1999.
She got the Award for the best actor at the 3rd Annual Independent Television Festival in los Angles , in 1999.
Jodie Sweetin was born in Los Angles, California. She acted with the actor Mathew Morison in the musical theatre. She had married to the Los Angeles police officer Shaun Holguin when she was 20 years-old, but they divorced in 2006.
She started to date Cody Herpin in 2007, then they married in July 14, 2007, they gave birth to their daughter Zoie Laurelmae Herpin in April 12, 2008, after one year from their marriage.
They also divorced in April 20, 2010 ,so their marriage lasted three year.
In 2010 she declared that she waited a child from her boyfriend of one year Morty Coyle, they  were expecting to give birth to their child, but their daughter was born August 31, 2010, then they married in March 15, 2012.
She was suffered from drugs abuse and she wrote in her memories about her abusing of drugs. 


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