Jodi Sweetin and How She Divorced

Jodi Sweetin is trying to take the divorce from her husband Morty Coyle, and everyone will take his own shared household possessions. The actress of full house filled the paper on Monday June to take the divorce from her husband, and this is the third marriage to Jodi Sweetin. She seemed in good .
In their paper they are seeking  their possession as well as 50/50 of their credit card balance. Jodi Sweetin wants full custody of her daughter who is 2 years old and she wants to take the family car to herself which is a 2000 Toyota Avalon. Jodi and Morty made their weeding in March 2012 in Beverly Hills and they announced their weeding details on 15 March 2013 which is their first anniversary. In 2009 Jodi Sweetin was addicted drugs like coke, meth and ecstasy but she leaves the drugs and recovers. The first marriage of Jodi  was in 2002 she married police officer Shaun Holguin and they divorce in 2006, then she married Cody Herpin in 2007 then in 2008 they divorce, then she meets Morty who she married in March 2012. She has another daughter from her ex-husband Cody. The marriage of Jodi and Morty still secret until the two renewed their vows earlier this year. Jodi had many troubles in her last life and she left the acting in television and she became addicted then she recovers and returns to the acting. Now as we said she trying to get her divorce from Morty and everyone will take his own things and Jodi will take the car, she also wants to take her daughter who is still child 2 years and will rise her up with her another daughter from Cody who she was married. She tries to make the marriage as soon as she can.


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