Jodie Sweetin Tries to Lose her Weight after Pregnancy

Jodie Sweetin was addicted to drug, she lose a lot of weight because of depression and exercise. In 2008 Jodie has a daughter, Zoie, and then she decided to make healthy diet to lose her weight after pregnancy in a good way. Jodie Sweetin as other actress tries to avoid crash diets. So she follows healthy and comfortable diet to continuous with it in her life time. Jodie’s husband also makes diet and they both try to help each other to stay on the diet, they are encouraging each other.

Jodie has certain program, for breakfast she begins with a veggie omelet , low calorie muffins, granola cereal or grain cereal, this kind of breakfast gives protein and all grains that help you to start the day.
The lunch which Jodie prefers consists of seasoned black beans and rice or may she eat chicken, and she sometimes changes to other kinds like tuna salad or chicken soup, tuna salad helps to reduce the calorie count. For dinner she eats beef, grilled chicken breast with veggies or pasta fagioli soup, she also may take dessert like peanut butter cookie and she tries to avoid ice cream.
Of course Judie has to make many exercise and sports beside diet to reach the shape she wants, the first section was so hard for Jodie but she insists to do sports and she can do it.
Jodie likes being active and playing many kinds of sports like swimming, running, playing golf and basketball. Every morning she runs many miles and she goes to the gym for twice or three times a week, but she likes playing sports more than going to the gym.

After the diet and sports and exercise Jodie reach to the shape she likes and she still in this diet to maintain on this great shape. 


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