Jodie Sweetin’s Birthday

The star of full House, Jodie Sweetin, is celebrating in her birthday. Now she is famous actress and has two children, she is healthy and she feels proud of herself and about what she achieves in her life through the last years and after all the circumstances and hard which she faced, she is strong woman.

It takes 8 years from Judie while acting in Full House then when she was going to southern California’s Chapman University, Jodie married the officer Shaun Holguin and that was in 2002. After that she left the acting for two years and the problem of crystal meth had begun which she discussed it in 2009. Jodie wrote in her book that she is not the girl of Full House and she can acted in any show and that what made her to addict alcohol and drugs, she kept her addiction away from her husband but after one year in 2006 they divorced.
After that Jodie met Cody Herpin and they began dating but after two months they married and that was in July 2007, after one year Jodie had the first child, Zoie, in April 2008. After seven months the couples decided to leave each other and that was in November 2008. There were many problems after that about their house. The reason that they wanted to divorce as Jodie said is that he was driver but after they married he stopped working and did not find a new work and he was always making excuses for his inability of working in a new place. Finally they divorced in April 2010.
Jodie met the DJ Morty Coyle and loved him then in May 2010 she declared that she is pregnant and in 31 August 2010 Jodie gave birth to her second daughter. Jodie and Morty talked about their happiness in their new daughter and they cannot wait to meet her sister Zoie and to make happy family.    


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