The American TV series Full House

It is an American television series which took place in San Francisco, this series talks about father Danny Tanner who his wife Pam died in a car crash which was driven by a drunk driver and he chooses his best friend Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis who is his brother in law to help him to raise his daughters DJ, Stephanie and Michelle.
The show began from 22 September 1987 until 23 May 1995, and it was in ABC. It was shown on Friday for its first four seasons then it became on Tuesday night. The series are eight seasons and 192 episodes. Every season has many changes and new characters to make it more interesting and full of actions.
In the beginning the characters were appeared in the house or in any place in San Francisco then in season four it took new places. And in other season it also took a lot of new places.
In the first the producer choose Bob saget to make the role of Danny Tanner but he could not do the role, then the producer choose John Posey to make the role and he did the role in a great way and he had a great effect in the success of the show . Jesse Cochran is a character that made it John stamos was changed in season two it became Jesse Katsopolis that was because the reflect of his Greek heritage.
Ashley Olsen and Mary kate left the series in the second season then they thought of returning to the show after the producer wanted to raise the salary to the actors.
The show released the eight seasons on DVD from 2005 to 2007 and the complete series set is printed and will appear very soon.
It is great show and it was shown in many TV channels and it took a lot of popularity.


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