“How Rude” Jodie Sweetin says to Rehab Rumors In Video

The star Jodie Sweetin responses in angry way to Rehab Rumors, they reported recently on how another rumors which Jodie Sweetin said about them that are false and she was working in that place a clinical logistics coordinator.
After that Jodie Sweetin talked about her temporary living in that place and that was after Morty Coyle kicked her when they were in the middle of divorce.
The actress of Full house, Jodie Sweetin talked about these rumors in a video on who say: “You know what I think is really rude? Reading article about yourself that is totally not true. How rude” that she talked about written article about her which contains many things false about her and about herself, she said that is rude to write false things about people without know the truth.
Then Jodie Sweetin declared about her situation and she talks about her fans and how they will understand the matter. Everyone is going to the rumors and talks a lot about the bad one they talk about “How rude” without understand the matter, she added that there is no problem in seeing how rude and she says again how rude.
In another news about Jodie Sweetin after separation, we see her in a good mood and there are a lot of fans who stand with her and make her stronger. After that Jodie wrote on the tweeter that she thanks everyone who stands with her and who supports her and who helps her to be strong and to go out of her problem and she thanks all the fans, then she adds that the life become better when they stand with her.
After that she comes back to Full House and she is full of life and she feels good and strong.


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