Jodie Sweetin Enters Rehab, Drops Bid For Sole Custody of Daughter

The star of Full House checked her trouble into rehab and our star dropped bid and that because she wants to get full custody which is for her daughter, who is the youngest daughter, and that was according to the records which tell about this news.
Jodie Sweetin entered 50000 dollars for a month and that for residential treatment facility and now Jodie Sweetin is trying to enter to the custody of her daughter , Beatrix.
This year Jodie Sweetin is separated from her third husband, Morty Coyle, after they discuss everything about their possessions and they decided to divorce and Jodie will take care of her children who will live with her.
Jodie Sweetin said that when she received the separation paper from her husband, Morty Coyle, she requested sole custody for her daughter, Beatrix. She added that she sat with Morty and discussed the situation, she said that the relations are so complicated.
She faced a lot of hard and complications in her life, she had many troubles with her last husband and the suffering from addiction of cocaine in her past, she suffered a lot when they were taking her furniture out of the house, and she is going to live in another place so she feels that her life is changed and she has to start from new place. But she can do it because she is strong woman and she knows what she wants.
It is hard time for Jodie but she will stand and be ok as she was . Jodie Sweetin is good actress and has a lot of fans who likes her and follow all her works. And she is good mother and cares with her children and loves them very much. We wish the best for her life and work.


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