Jodie Sweetin insists that rehab stay is voluntary and not related to addiction

The star of Full House, Jodie Sweetin, has strange explanation for her staying in a rehab clinic.
Jodie Sweetin lives in precarious situation; she said that she is not in rehab. She declared that she was living in a rehab facility but she was just as an employee, and when we ask ourselves what this strange work ,Jodie has explanation for that.
Jodie said that they treated her in a good way and they were very generous with her and they helped her in the place where she stayed as Morty wanted her out of the end of the month.
Morty Coyle is the third husband of Jodie and they want to divorce because of some troubles between them. Jodie said that the owners of the facility said to her that she could stay and did what she wants.
For many months our star ordered the custody for her daughter, Beatrix, who is 2 year old. But now she does not want the custody and she gives up it because she wants her daughter to live normal life with her parents. She does not want to deprive her daughter from her father and she does not want her daughter to feel that she is abnormal.
After being Jodie in the rehab facility a lot of fans wonder what is happening ? and she answered in unusual explanation for her situation and she said that is voluntary and is not related to addiction.
Although all this fans of Jodie still love her and support her and they always watch all her works.
In our turn we said that we all love you Jodie Sweetin and wish you happy life and good luck and we wait your works and all your new.


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