Bob Saget is one of Jodie Sweetin best friends

His full name is Robert Lane Bob Saget; he was born in May17, 1956. Bob is an American comedian actor. He is well known for his works in Full house as Danny Tanner and American’s Funniest Home Videos.
Saget was born in Philadelphia of a Jewish family, Benjamin is his father’s name and he was a supermarket executive, while his mother Rosalyn was a hospital administrator.
Bob English teacher Elaine Zimmerman convinced him to seek a career in films although Bob intended to become a doctor.
Bob entered the comedian career in 1987 when he became the host of the Morning Program by CBC. Bob Saget after the fame from the wide door through his casting as Danny Tanner in Full House with Jodie Sweetin, after that in 1989 him casted Funniest Home Videos as the host of this TV show.
After those successful works, Saget casted a lot of woks and TV shows like 1 vs. 100 in 2006, CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother in 2005, where he took the role as Ted Mosby, That Ain’t Right in 2007, HBO’s Entourage where he played a parody of himself, The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget in 2008, and in 2009 Bob debuted on ABC the Surviving Suburbia.
Bob Saget also entered the world of direction where he directed in 1996 ABC television movie For Hope, and in 1998 he directed also Dirty Work, and in 2005 he starred and directed Farce of the Penguins, which released as DVD in 2007.
Bob Saget has other works like his comedy role in Half Baked in 1998, and in 2006 he had a rap song and music video named Rollin with Saget , and finally in 2010 A&E series .


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