Full House - An internet Hoax about Full House Reboot

Some reports suggesting that stars of the Full house Candace Cameron and Jodie Sweetin are retouring for a reboot of the popular series, despite announcing of the producers of the U.S. sitcom full house that they will not shoot a sequel.
It is announced by the media outlets reports about bringing back the beloved sitcom  Full House , it is said that the executive producer of the family friendly Jeff Franklin and Warner Brothers executives have talked to bring back the 1990 sitcom .
The 1990 sitcom Full House skyrocketed stars including Ashley Olsen, John Stamos and Mary-Kate to fame. And according to the news about the new series, it will contain new characters including Bure, Sweetin, and the Olsens.
The Franklin alleged quotes were taken from Rhode Island newspaper the Newport Gazette, and this publication has been out of commission since 1799.
Full House is American TV series of the American ABC network production. It made since the year 1987 until the year 1995. Series is of family comedy quality.
Series characters are:
House is managed by the father Danny Tanner (Bob Saget playing the role) after the departure of the mother (Melinda Tanner).
Three daughters, the eldest DJ (Candace Cameron played the role), Stephanie middle one (and played a role Judy Sweetin) and youngest Michele (and personal swapped roles Olsen twin).
Uncle Jesse Lives with them (John Stamos, role play) with his wife (Rebecca) and his twin children (James Ryan), and also Uncle (Joey) plays the role of Dave Collier... The funny series events
The series gained great popularity with the display in the United States, and across the TV channels around the world in addition to the family comedy there are some romantic moments.


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